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Dr.Kishor Govardhan, Orthodontist - TMJ Disorder, Jaw Correction and Invisalign Specialist

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Our smile advisors perform virtual consultations using video apps like Facetime, google meet, Whatsapp video, or Zoom depending on your choice. Click the confirmation link in your email to download the app onto your phone or computer.

Online consultations last up to 20 minutes, so please ensure you’re on time and the app is downloaded before your allocated time slot.

We look forward to helping you resolve all your queries and providing suitable treatment options. 

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How it Works?

Schedule a dental virtual consultation appointment.

You will receive a communication from our team, and after paying the consultation fees, you will be provided with a link based on your choice.

Attend the virtual consultation at the pre-booked appointment time and get your queries resolved.

Dr.Kishor Govardhan, Orthodontist - TMJ Disorder, Jaw Correction and Invisalign Specialist

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Why Kigo Virtual Consultation?


People residing in remote locations, who may not have easy access to advanced dental consults; now, thanks to virtual consultations, you can get the dental consults you deserve.


Whether you are looking for an initial consultation or a second opinion, you can always get your queries resolved and get a proper treatment plan with less hassle by availing of virtual consultations.

Comfortable & Time Saving

Virtual consultations can help you or your kid get acclimatized to a dentist if you have dental anxiety. They also can save you time, at least for your first appointment.


We would love to be a part of your Smile Reimagining Journey...