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We believe that the dental experience should be pleasant and pampering, and always centered around your unique concerns, needs, and desires.

With Kigo dental by your side, your smile will accompany you through every season of your life.


At Kigo Dental, our commitment to providing the highest quality of dental care starts with our leadership. Under the guidance of Dr. Kishor Govardhan, an expert orthodontist, and dedicated clinician, we have assembled a team of clinicians with unparalleled knowledge and commitment to their work.

Dr.Kishor Govardhan, Orthodontist - TMJ Disorder, Jaw Correction and Invisalign Specialist

Our Key Expertise

KIGO Dental - Aligners/ Invisalign - Hyderabad, India
Aligners / Invisalign

Clear orthodontic appliances known as "Invisible Aligners" can straighten your teeth without the use of braces & wires.

KIGO Dental - TMJ (Jaw Joint) Disorders - Hyderabad, India
TMJ (Jaw Joint) Disorders

Pain and limited jaw movement are symptoms of TMJ disorders, which damage the temporomandibular joint.

KIGO Dental - Jaw Corrections in Children - Hyderabad, India
Jaw Corrections in Children

Functional orthodontics is indicated for children and teens aged 6–14. It promotes proper jaw growth.

KIGO Dental - Surgical Orthodontics - Hyderabad, India
Airway & Speech problems

Airway orthodontics & Speech orthodontics corrects airway & speech anomiles by repositing the jaws & teeth

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We would love to be a part of your Smile Reimagining Journey...